How to Wash Hoka Shoes? Washing Tips

how to wash hoka shoes

How to Wash Hoka Shoes? Washing Tips

Hoka provides you with the best footwear. This footwear makes your running, walking, and standing process to comfort. All types of movers can find HOKA shoes to suit their needs for running, walking, fitness, and outdoor activities. Running shoe designer and distributor Hoka is a French company with its roots in Annecy. Actually, wash the pair of Hoka shoes is much simple than clean other types of shoes.

Okay, let’s start if you are a runner and using a Hoka shoe for running then it’s so important to know about how you can wash them. And also keeping them safe while washing can prolong the life and process of shoes as long as possible. Now the question of how to clean your Hoka shoes will discuss here to give you the best ever solution to wash them. Obviously, the perfect washing solution will keep your footwear in the best and fresh condition for a long period of time. Try to avoid wearing a single pair of shoes for many days without washing them. Because if you wear dirty shoes for a long time, they may begin to smell and cause you to start sweating.

General instruction about washing them

The general cleaning and maintenance instructions for HOKA shoes are:

  • Wash them with your hands.
  • Use cold water to wash them. Don’t use too hot water, because if the water has a very high temperature then this may have some side effects on them. But you can use mild warm water.
  • Use mild soap or detergent to wash them.
  • After washing, don’t try to them dry them in dryers. The best method to dry them is by hanging your shoes indoors near a fan or in a well-ventilated space will help them dry quickly. Trust me this is one of the best and perfect methods to dry out the Hoka as well as other shoes.
  • It’s also not so good to dry them in the direct light of the sun or in the heat. This method of drying may take times rather than other methods. Trust me this is one of the best and perfect methods to dry out the Hoka as well as other shoes.

Definitely, every different type of shoe has its own guide and tips for washing them. Don’t worry we are here to give you complete guidance about washing the Hoka shoes.

There are two methods to make your shoes fresh one is cleaning and the other one is washing. We discuss both types here one by one.

How to wash Hoka shoes?

First of all, it’s so important to know about can you wash your Hoka shoes in a washer. Basically, don’t wash the Hoka shoes directly with the clothes washer. Because the washer may reduce, damage, or shorten their life of them. Cleaning these shoes with household items is the most efficient method. Even if your shoes are soaked or muddy, you can still clean and maintain those using common household items.

Step 1 Clear Mud & Dirt

First of all, remove all extra junk from shoes. Basically, when you are going to wash them. Your first priority is to remove all extra mud and clean them of dirt. Removing mud and dirt is the first step in cleaning the HOka shoes. Clearing it off with paper towels or a washcloth and repeating this process until no more soil is visible.

Step 2 Difficulty in clearing them

If there is a lot of mud and dirt in your shoes and you feel difficulty washing them. Then there is a method to wash them efficiently and in this way, you can also reduce the difficulty of washing them. In a bowl of water, combine a few drops of your cleaning agent. And then use the toothbrush to scrub all of the remaining dirty areas until there is outside and inside of the shoe look spotless.

Step 3 Remove Insoles

Remove the insoles from the shoes to clean them. In addition, cleaning the insoles of your shoes or boots is also very essential. Basically, all you need for this cleaning process is a scrub brush, cold water, and very little time. To makes this process more simple, use mild soap and warm water to scrub away all debris.

Step 4 Get Rid of Extra Waste

After the shoe has been thoroughly cleaned and is free from any debris. Now, to get rid of extra dirt and water, use a dry washcloth.

Step 5 Drying process

After washing and cleaning them, let your shoe air dry overnight. Leave the Hoka shoes to dry in heat or in the sunlight. The use of a cloth dryer or blow dryer may distort the material. Overnight, let your Hoka shoe air dry. To aid in a quicker drying process, you can also stuff paper balls inside the shoes.

How to Clean Hoka Shoes? Required Materialcleaning shoes pack design

Cleaning is a little bit different from washing. First of all remove laces, insoles, and liners, and throw them in the washer. And after that clear out all loose dirt, mud, and debris from the shoe, and then scrub your shoes.

The material requires Water, a brush with soft bristles, and a non-abrasive cleaning agent. These are all things that are required to clean the Hoka shoes.

Can Hoka shoes be machine washable?

Basically, the simple answer to this question is that it is not recommended to wash the Hoka shoes in any machine. Because materials in the shoes will be hurt. The material and adhesives of your shoes may effects if you soak them in water. Try to avoid washing and drying the electric equipment.

But in this case, if you want to wash your Hoka shoes or any other footwear in the washing machine. Then you prefer to put your shoes in the wash bag or pillowcase to avoid damage. When placing your shoes in a wash bag or pillowcase then after that you can be able to wash them in the washing machine.

After washing the next process is to dry them. At this stage, it is also recommended avoiding from dryers or spinners for drying. Because after washing if you place your shoes in the dryer it may also damage the fabric or material of the shoes. Directly drying them in sunlight is also not recommended. Hanging your shoes indoors near a fan or in a well-ventilated space will help them dry quickly.

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