How to Wash Shoes in Washing Machine?

how to wash shoes in washing machine

How to Wash Shoes in Washing Machine?

Hopefully, there are many questions about shoe cleaning and washing in your mind. The questions are how to wash shoes in the washing machine, can you wash shoes in the washer, and also about how to wash shoes that stink. We try our best to clear all doubt about this type of question.

First of all, yes you will definitely wash your shoes in the washers. But not all types of shoes. Dress shoes, leather sandals, heels, boots, or any footwear with beads or buckles on it shouldn’t be put in the washer. Because the beds will come apart in the washer. On the other hand, finally, plastic shoes like Crocs, garden clogs, and flip-flops can be machine-washed on a gentle cycle.

Things required before washing shoes

Washing shoes in the washing machine is one of the simplest ways to clean them. But you should make some preparation and also need some things when you going to wash your shoes. The following are things that are necessary.

  • A piece of cloth & Sponge.
  • The soft brush, just like the old toothbrush.
  • Useful towel.
  • Shoe cleaner.
  • Mesh garment bag.
  • Laundry detergent & Baking soda.

Step-by-step procedure to wash shoes

If you are worried about how to wash shoes in the washing machine.We are here to help you, so don’t worry. If you want to wash shoes in the washing machine without any harm or side effects. Before washing your shoes, be sure to always follow the care instructions. Make sure to follow all steps that are given below:

Step 1

First of all, separate the laces from the shoes.

Step 2

As you know there is the danger of laces to wash. Because they may stuck and be tangled in any part of the drum. But they should be washed in a mesh garment bag that is tightly closed. Besides this, you can also wash them by rubbing them with your hands. Laundry detergent and a soft brush can use to manually scrub the laces.

Step 3

Remove insoles from shoes if they are removable. Try to wash your insoles with your hands. Because if you wash them in a machine your insoles might become waterlogged, in which case drying could take several days. Cleaning them with a soft brush or cloth and water that has a little soap. Use a sponge to absorb as much of the extra moisture as you can. Sprinkle baking soda on the insoles, then leave them to soak up. Additionally, take out the baking soda in the morning.

Step 4

Put your shoes in a mesh garment bag after cleaning the soles to prevent them from shocking around in the washer.

Step 5

This is an additional step to save your shoes. Put the few used towels with the bag in the washing machine. To keep balance the load. A new towel may leach extra dye that could stain your shoes, so make sure they are old.

Step 6

In your washing machine, select the delicate, cold water cycle, and choose the slow or no-spin setting. Use laundry pods or liquid detergent instead of powder because if the powder doesn’t dissolve completely, it can get stuck in the shoes.

Step 7

This is the last but not least step, after the complete cycle take out the mesh garment bag from the washer. If possible, then place them in sunlight to dry. Sunlight will speed up the process of drying. It might take a few days for your shoes to dry by themselves. But don’t use dryers for drying shoes. For no other reason than that the heat and tumbling might warp or harm your shoes.

Time to set on the washer

timer setup washer design

The estimated time for the cycle of the washer for shoe washing is 45 minutes. It takes between 45 and an hour to wash your shoes in the washing machine on the delicate cycle. Remember that for a completely dry, shoes will also need to air dry for at least one night.


Benefits to wash shoes in the washer

If you are going to wash your shoes in the washer then it really saves your time rather than washing your hands. The washing machine is undoubtedly a practical way to clean a pair of shoes. Obviously, you can save time and effort by washing your shoes in the washing machine. So, keep your favorite sneakers clean and ready to wear all time. But there are also some disadvantages to washing shoes in a machine if they are not machine washable.

Can shoes shrink in the washing machine?

Yes, there is a chance that the washing machine may shrink the shoes. The shoe may shrink in the washing machine if you use hot water to wash them. If you wash your shoes, always follow the care instructions. To avoid this danger and also this fear, just use cold water to wash your shoes in the washing machine. After washing, let your shoe air dry for the entire next day. Your shoes may shrink and sustain damage if they are exposed to high heat in the dryer.

How to wash smelly shoes?

The smelly shoes may feel you embarrassed in front of other people. So just try to make your footwear free from smell. Ways to remove stains from shoes: Wash insoles, and spray the vinegar in the interior of shoes or baking soda. Pour a little into your shoes, then leave them overnight. Another method is to take a generous amount of crumpled newspaper and place it inside each shoe to speed up the drying process. Sprinkle a few drops of vanilla on the newspaper first for a dose of deliciously sweet goodness.

Vinegar solution helps most in neutralizing the odor from footwear. Simply just fill a spray bottle with an equal mixture of white vinegar and water. After wearing the shoes, spray the solution in the inner part of the shoes and allow them to dry. This process makes your shoes will continue to smell better for longer if you do this to them after each run. As vinegar helps to remove smell and as well as eliminates the bacteria from any kind of footwear that stink.

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